Lenovo introduces new product lineup

At last the time has arrived when different PC makers begin to announce new lineups of their different products, and Lenovo is quite well aware what runs when and what to reveal at which occasion.

With the success of its iconic ThinkPad, Lenovo has come up as a blue eyed boy for the lady luck and now the company is considering to come up with a totally new line of notebooks, netbook as well as all-in-one desktop that the company is going to announce today. This upgraded line indicates that these guys are quite well aware of the fact what features price conscious users are looking for these days.

The product that really serves as an emblem of this changed approach is a 13-inch notebook that has been named as the IdeaPad U350. Just like other trendy notebooks of today, it weighs just 3.5 pounds with nice looking metallic finish and one-inch thickness. This new notebook will house an Intel CULV processor which is Intel’s newly released chip that is being used in mobile PCs. It will definitely boost some good battery life and it’s Lenovo that’s going to use it for the first time. The other company that has announced to use this chip is Acer that’s going to house it in its TimeLine notebooks.

IdeaPad U110

Lenovo knows well how to produce a lightweight and thin notebook, as its ThinkPad is enough to prove its dexterity in this connection. The company has announced that their coming U350 will replace IdeaPad U110. It was at CES 2008 when the U110 was first launched as a lightweight, thin and slick laptop.

IdeaPad U110

A 12-inches wide new Netbook is the other aggressive move from the company. Though it’s of large size, it has the option of discrete graphics with Ion processor of Nvidia. The integration of some serious graphics in the netbook shows that it will be used as everyday computer instead of just as a companion device.

IdeaPad U330

The next one is their U330 all in one desktop that combines display and mother board in a single case and house an Atom processor. With 2-inch thickness, it supports 20-inch display, and it’s quite similar to the IdeaCentre A600 all in one PC that we have seen at CES during this year. However, it’s quite affordable and available the price tag starting from $449.

Source: news.cnet

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