Lenovo to Recommending New ThinkPad Line for SMBs

Lenovo on Monday cleared plans to launch an innovative ThinkPad laptop line the SL series consisted of features and hold up services geared towards diminutive and medium-size trades.

This model contains the price from US$699 to $1,199 and these laptops would draw closer with online support services and LoJack technology to path down the stolen laptops. The machines would be intended for businesses with up to 99 employees that couldn’t have the funds for an IT staff to troubleshoot their own laptop tribulations.
The online backup service will be an original for the total ThinkPad line, said Charles Sune, worldwide segment manager for Thinkpad SL series. It would provide a method for businesses on a financial statement to back up data.

In addition this contains Absolute Software’s LoJack technology which can facilitate track down stolen laptops. Added security and shore up tools will be made available from Lenovo’s ThinkVantage hardware and software line together with its Active Protection System which looks after data on a notebook’s hard drive.

Lenovo has what’s more drew a page from its users listening carefully to IdeaPad laptops in the SL series, sprucing up the ThinkPad design with a added modish look and multimedia features for instance a connector to display high-definition video and software for video formation.


That’s a shift ahead of the ThinkPad’s conventional business focal point through the new look planned to make it more appetizing for both private and business use.

The SMB marketplace is a rapid emergent but price-sensitive part so Lenovo finished some trade-offs in manipulating the laptops, Sune said. For instance, the SL laptops would not come up along with the proprietary porting stations more often than not found on enterprise ThinkPads, but would certainly contain a USB-based port replication system.
The laptops would be officially pronounced in the next few weeks. Lenovo turned down to provide any of the precise hardware details.

Lenovo has been just about high-end models priced of about US$1,000 similar to the ultra-thin X300, but perceives a new business opening among lesser significant businesses. Lenovo would also mark the products at Europe, the U.S., Greater China and Asia-Pacific where SMBs would embark on the greatest openings over the next few years, Sune said.

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