Lenovo announced its S10 unltraportable ‘IdeaPad’ machine on Friday. According to some, the system has pretty darn impressive specs.




If you are considering having an ultraportable notebook, this Lenovo S10 provides you a good reason to keep your investment away from Asus ‘Eee PC range’

With its just 2.4-pounds weight and 9.8×7.2inches dimension, the S10 is quite handbag friendly.  It features an LED back-lit 10-inch screen and coming with Windows XP pre-installed.


Intel N270 1.6 GHz CPU, Intel 945GSE Chipset, with 3-cell battery up to 3 hours battery life, Built-in 1.3M camera, 2 stereo speakers, really full size Keyboard, express card slot for WWAN expansion, 2-GB memory, Intel built-in GMA 950 graphic, Four-in-one Multi-card Reader ,Bluetooth and integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g are some other worth mentioning features.

An advanced heat-dissipation has also been used that make it certain that the machine doesn’t get too hot especially during those long train journeys when surfing the net becomes your favorite pastime.

For 512MB memory it will set you back $399, for 80GB HDD model the cost is $450. It’s available in black, red and white colors.

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