Have you got tired by seeing all those skeletal Size Zero mobile phones that pranced about on catwalks? Well, there is new Prada fashion phone from LG that is quite similar to real-life figures as its waistline has swollen a bit from 12mm to 17mm.


What’s the reason behind the bulk? A slider QWERTY keypad that allows only a 3-inch 240×400 resolution touchscreen isn’t the right thing to type properly.

The new Prada phone has swollen a bit like a pregnant woman in 1st trimester as it has an Infineon Mp-EH+M180 chipset, Wi-Fi, motion sensor and dual-band HSPDA inside.



So far camera and imaging are concerned; the integrated camera has been upgraded from a worthless 2MP (in the first handset) to a smart   5MP snapper.

We can expect a flamboyant announcement about the price very soon that will be comparable to Apple’s touch phone.