On Tuesday, LG Electronics announced YouTube and CinemaNow as their new alliance for Blu-ray’s network supporters.

Netflix was the first network partner of LG. Now LG has confirmed that YouTube and CinemaNow will join Netflix in supporting LG’s new Blu-ray Players. The new Blu-ray players will be launched in a week’s time.

By making this new move, the Blu-ray users will be able to enjoy a variety of movies which includes funny movies uploaded on YouTube.

According to Tim Alessi, Director Product Development of LG, “With these new alliances, LG continues its innovation leadership by allowing consumers easy access to multiple entertainment options in one device.”

LG was the first one to launch Blu-ray technology with Netflix enabling people to download TV shows and movies instantly without personal computer.

In fact it is done by LG in order to maximize the sale of its new Blu-ray in the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

YouTube and CinemaNow are two most efficient networks today. Their number of hits and downloads is greater than any other site. LG is providing people the opportunity to get benefit from Netflix’s increasing library of more than 14,000 movies and TV shows, including 250 personal movies and music videos.

Alessi says, “From Blu-ray to instant streaming, from Netflix to CinemaNow and YouTube, LG is bridging the gap between packaged media and video-on-demand services to provide entertainment solutions for consumers’ demand for content”.

People are appreciating LG for this new project. Phil Leigh a senior analyst at Inside Digital Media said, “YouTube is an important addition because it’s free and it’s also very popular”.

With LG making such an intelligent market move, it is expected of other companies to take a lead too.

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