This latest handset from LG really dares to do similar things differently and perhaps that’s why it has been rightly named as LG Dare. It shows some new tricks as weren’t seen before in the touch-screen generation. It allows you to drag and drop icons to form your customized shortcuts on the home screen. Similarly, there is a drawing pad which allows drawing a map or sketch ideas that you can send to a friend through MMS.


The LG Dare can’t be called as an iPhone killer because there aren’t features like Wi-Fi and media player and Web browser are also not up to the mark. But still it is a good choice for those Verizon customers who really want a different touch-screen phone. After a $50 mail-in rebate and 2 year service agreement this LG Dare is priced at $199.


The Dare is smaller in size and that’s why the display is even smaller with just 3-inch space. The other two phones have quite spacious display with 4-plus- inches. No doubt, most of its applications are fine but it prevents us to enjoy the full HTML browser. The screen is colorful with vibrant graphics as its display supports 262,000 colors and a 240×400-pixel resolution. Backlight time, menu fonts, display theme and the dial fonts all are adjustable.


The Dare has a generous 1,000-entry contacts list and in each entry there is room for five numbers and two e-mail addresses. It allows you to pair them with a photo and one out of 26 polyphonic ring tones.


Text messaging, multimedia messaging, a speakerphone, a vibrate mode, a tip calculator, an alarm clock, a speakerphone and a notepad are some essential features of the Dare while full Bluetooth support with stereo A2DP, mobile instant messaging , a USB mass storage mode, voice recording, GPS functionality through Verizon’s  VZ Navigator service are some advanced features of the Dare.


Though design and features are somewhat similar to nowadays’ well-known handsets, they have some uniqueness and I have no qualm to say that LG really dares to do similar things in a different way.

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