LG Display

LG DisplayLG is planning and working to build large screens in 2010, with OLED panels, it is projected that due to this development by LG, it may open up new horizons in the field of electrical appliances. There is much more possibilities for LG to become a trend setter for OLED panels through this. It will also broaden the market for 20 inch or larger screen markets. LG Display is having big plans in 2010 to emerge with the OLED Technology by launching the new OLED panels.

LG Display has reported that they will introduce from large to larger screens every year, like launching the 20-inch OLED panels in this year, the 30-inch large screen in 2011, and the 40-inch screen display in 2012. The Sales and marketing team of LG Display are very confident about the upcoming products; it may be posh, but expected to be affordable by the year 2012.

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