LG Electronics has been an international leader in technology and innovations in mobile communications. This very company has found a yet another interesting mobile communication device, the Chocolate (LG-BL40) which is the 4th in the series from the latest Black Label line. It would be available across Europe from mid-September. There has been much anticipation regarding this device and its release seems to have happened in prime time.

The new bold shape and sleek design of the phone is all about reinventing the way consumers see mobile usage now. The new model is all about sophistication and unconventional pairing. That is why there is the “on-the-go” motivation coming from its appearance.


This look totally changes the level of innovation and intensity coming from any model of phone. This will give you an entirely new mobile phone using experience. There is also enlarged and more optimal space now coming with the ongoing gallery card.


Credit: lge


Computing through ph even gets better with the better spacing on screen that enables better Windows opening and other media viewing.


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