This is the first mid- range phone that has a 5mp camera that offers outstanding photo and video capabilities. Aside from nice camera and video features, it has a bombastic music player, Wii style games, FM radio and Bluetooth. It looks somewhat heavy and large and may find it with small internal memory, but it can be expanded up to 4GB with memory cards.



With a conventional keypad, the Orsay is a standard slide phone, but at first glance it looks like a phone from new generation of LG touchscreen phones. The nicest thing in the Orsay is its 5mp camera that features an image stabilizer, autofocus, Schneider-Kreuznach lens and a macro feature for close-ups. There is no xenon flash, but it has a powerful LED flash. It has a DVD-like resolution of 720×480 pixels that makes video recording capabilities quite impressive.



Unlike many other slide phones, the Orsay has a considerably large screen .Though resolution of 240×320 pixels is standard, the display is quite nice. The built looks quite large and heavy but to some people. The joystick (doesn’t look durable) is not remarkable, still the keypad works nice.


It also has a bombastic music player and FM radio as well. The integrated memory is just 12 MB, however, it can be expanded up to 4GB if you buy a micorSD memory card. Thus, you will be able to store almost 1,000 songs. The MP3 tracks can also be used as ringtones in the Orsay.


With its auto-rotate function, the photos can be automatically rotated from portrait to landscape form. You can play Wii-style games as it has a motion sensor.

Bluetooth as well as USB are available for connectivity. Though it is not a 3G phone, you can browse the web with GPRS or EDGE and the large screen makes mobile internet experience quite well. Battery life is not bad too as the phone looks quite big and heavy because of that very Battery.

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