LG launches website for cable recommendation and set-up advice.

It can really be a nightmare if you try to connect your brand new Blu-ray player to your old projection telly and particularly in those circumstances when many components are not shipped with cables in the box.

Don’t worry! LG can well realize your problem and that’s why the company will launch a website to help US customers with a step-by-step guide to connect home cinema system.

You can get the right guidance from www.wirewize.com to choose individual components and tell you about the right cables that you require to hook up and how can you do it. Illustrations regarding back panels of each device have also been included.




The website has been developed for US audiences and it seems to include related details about a wide range of current and older models from many other major electronic brands besides LG.

So far downside is concerned; the site looks a bit of date. You are allowed to choose from tape decks and VHS, but how astonishing it is that no MP3 players and media streamers have been listed on the site at launch.

Wirewize is a good website overall and especially for those who are trying to get their system work. Before spending money and time on tech call-out or customer support services, you must consider the website once.

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