Sometimes it feels that Samsung and LG are one and the same mobile phone makers and if you aren’t agree, the imminent release of the KC910 by LG is enough to back up that idea.


Though you may be right that they are not the same cell phone makers, one thing is certain that they produce cell phones that are almost the same in spec and design. But you must keep in mind that they both are from South Korea and that may be a reason.

KC910 is a typical LG brand that has an 8MP camera and 2.8-inch touchscreen (thank God! It’s not similar to Samsung’s recently released i8510 that’s another 8MP from Koreans). The other specs are those that you can expect… .Wi-Fi, HSDPA connectivity, 8GD expansion via MicroSD cards and Bluetooth.

It will be available around Christmas if the timeline is followed.  How LG competes in the touchscreen market, let’s wait and see.

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