LG has had its legend kept continued in glory with the release of the new Chocolate. The sliding keypad, 5 megapixel camera along with the incredible text scan option makes this an ultimate device for the new era. It is sleek and extremely hot looking being designed to glory and does not look just like another phone at all. It has got Widget Hotkey, hidden navigation keys and several other surprising features about to take your breath away.


The LG Chocolate BL20 phone has several features along with sliding keyboard that is extremely handy and smooth to use. It is one of the latest additions to the brand new Chocolate series from LG which is a rare combination of brains and brawn. It has got autofocus camera with flash encased in its beautiful model. The Widget Hotkeys make great use of personalization of the phone to be accessed directly with great accessibility to usage. It has a depth of about 12.3 mm.

Some of the reportedly favored features for this model are great updates like weather, news and even personal reminders. There is the brand new Car Memo Capture usage that brings greatness in depth, handwritten notes as well as drawings as maximum ways of providing clarity. There is also a great way of providing and bringing forth information through these newly updated features in the latest Chocolate addition.


 sPhoto by techfever


The BL20 is really impressive with its slim looks and extraordinary functions. Anyone is going to love and adore this new gadget with all the super special features. This is a stylish model to carry around with but comes with quite a hefty price for all its great characteristics. The bigger Chocolate version costs about £400 and hopefully this one would be lesser.