LG Viewty: A real power packed beauty

If one wants a handset with unique beauty, one must prefer LG KU990 Viewty. The specs and the features make it a real power packed beauty .Some specs, at a glance, are as follow.


• 5 mega pixel built in camera with Xenon Flash
• 3” LCD touch screen with 256k colors
• HSDPA connectivity, USB v2.0 and v 1.2 Bluetooth

The phone is quite challenging with its 5 mega pixel auto focus camera with image stabilizer but there must be 16.7 million colour display in a phone of that caliber and this lack is unquestionably a negative aspect. LG KG920 couldn’t prove a success because of its slow camera interface and high pricing and now the LG Viewty is an attempt to get a big market share with 5 mega pixel camera, some nice feature and a better price.


The 5mega pixel camera gives a real identification to the Viewty. From an obliquely horizontal direction, it looks like a suggestive of digicam. Its high-flying black sleek with neighboring silver pallets gives Viewty a real artistic touch. Its scroll wheel near the camera creates an impact of a true digital camera styling. The VGA is at front it is unquestionably one step ahead from other 5 mega pixels so far video calling is concerned.


Some other appealing features including a novel stylish dongle that has been linked with eyelet hand strip are also there that makes it real emblem of a new innovative approach. It’s easy to carry and easy to hold .So far screen is concerned it’s more comfortable than Parad, though has been developed on ex LG Prada. Its manual focus, built-in software to download videos on the Web and a face tracking software all make a real power packed beauty with masterly stylishness. So, we can suggest that if someone wants power with beauty, one must prefer LG Viewty



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