LG ChocolateThe new release from LG is the Chocolate that makes its debut along with the Twenty8Twelve right at the London Fashion week. This is technology’s new innovation with communications that will astound you with their level of clarity. There is also high end design coming through it.

The Creative Director of LG, Savannah Miller, had reincarnated the film star, Sienna Miller, to be the fashion label of LG. This joint product has been coming with the stylish new LG phone and brought it some of the greatest new looks that has been paired with the swift technology.

LG and Twenty8Twelve now join hands to promote the Chocolate mobile phone in a big way in the international market. The wide display screen promises the ultimate multimedia performance with the luxurious design case coming along with it.

The shared vision of the two brands is to bring about really stylish phones that can bring you great works done together. The talented sister duo brings about the conjoined effort as a natural fit into the worldwide platform for high definition mobile phones. They premium phone case and the perfect product of splendor comes in limited editions but then the partnership is supposed to extend in other avenues.

The products would be available from September 21st onwards and are going to have certain digitally exclusive content.

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