Loads of Technology in Detroit Motor Show

Detroit Motor Show is over pouring with lots of technical developments in cars. Almost all the cars launched in the show are having technical specifications.

Today Honda launched its 2010 Insight hybrid. It features a different graphical display and the speed meter counting up to 43 mpg. Other cars such as Chrysler’s 200C EV concept are also at display.

It is a performance based vehicle which has the capability of driving on battery power for 40 miles. A small petrol engine and generator are there to help the drive range up to 400 miles, as the generator converts the petrol energy into electricity.

Technically remarkable interior is having multimedia touch screen to perform certain functions, namely “techno-leaf”. You will be surprised to see the interior exempting levers and various -functions based buttons.

The touch screens can be packed and opened. This techno-leaf along with a tablet PC can be placed back, as it is installed in the dash board.

Through this techno-leaf, the passenger can surf the web while travelling. Charging is not a big deal, as it is charged by a small pad, without wires.

A diesel sports car Concept BlueSport has been introduced by Volkswagen. It has a speed of 0 to 60 mph with the economy of 41 mpg. With lithium ion batteries, it can go from 150 miles to 200 miles, with a speed of 0 to 60 mph within 5 seconds.

Ford will also be bringing its 100 miles electric power based vehicles. A lot more is expected as the scene goes on.

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