To provide the required technology and systems to local paper publishers for mobile phones publication, more than $3 million have been raised by the U.S. Company Verve Wireless in fundraising.

In the U.S. more than 4,000 local newspapers are being powered by Verve with its other clients like Associated press, the New York Times Regional Media Group and McClatchy.

In the Apple Design Award competition, Verve’s iPhone application, which provides daily headlines, and allows readers, to view slideshows, text, videos or email stories to friends, was the runner-up.

According to Verve’s chief executive, Art Howe, who is a former Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at Philadelphia Inquirer, “To reach people mobile is a better option than print media or Web as its quite compelling like a Web site or printed page.”
Tom Kenny, Verve’s president says in this connection that mobile local papers offer a perfect solution to advertisers as well.

In exchange for a cut of advertising revenue, Verve offers different publishers the software as well as help to develop their mobile sites.

Many major local newspaper publishers have been contacted for updates regarding their plans to show their papers on mobile phones. More updates will be available in the coming days.

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