A new wireless keyboard and mouse combo have been introduced by Logitech just now.

With this Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro keyboard and the MX 1100 mouse, you will soon enjoy wire-fire fun.

The keyboard has been especially design to comfort your swollen and calloused fingers. You will surely enjoy its u-shaped curve, unique wave key frame and a cushioned palm rest.

Cordless Desktop Wave Pro keyboard and the MX 1100 mouse

Similarly, the mouse naturally supports the curved shape of your hand and it also has the ability to set itself on recharge during work and it can work the whole day long only with a 15-minute charge.

Isn’t it astounding that in a busy wireless environment, Logitech is still boasting a reliable and secure signal. It has a 2.4GHz technology that must reduce interference impressively.  According to Logitech, it will surely succeed to do so.

There is a 128-bit AES keyboard encryption in the keyboard, most probably to save your keyboard if someone tries to hijack it or do something else.

The keyboard and mouse combo will set you back in almost £95, while the price of the mouse alone may be around £55.