Have you heard of Lycos?  Well they are not dead yet and they seem to be rising again like a phoenix. the search engine and web portal has announced that it got back its license to use the trademarked brand names “Lycos”and “Hotbot” within the Europe. Is it confusing? Well it has got an exclusive license to use these trademarks within Europe which is clearly stated in the agreement which dates back to 1997, the year when the company was formed as a joint venture and started up operations separately from Lycos.

Jungwook Lim the CEO of Lycos stated that Lycos continued to have a loyal user base and thus they expect this consolidation to help revitalize and strengthen our search business within Europe. This seems a bit strange as being in Europe how could we find a soul which is still very “Loyal” to anything that is as remote as Lycos?

Check another statement given by the general manager of the Search and Business Development for Lycos. “Over the next few weeks Lycos will be re launching the provision of search services within the European territory. Contents are locally targeted will be rolled out and will enhance our user’s search experience.” Though its been a long time since the Europe gave up Lycos but it still has not lost the determination.