A man steals bus from Vermont and even brings something very interesting to put out in the world in the form of a YouTube video to entertain and interest the residents. Brigham Young as well as John Deere have been involved in infamous acts coming from this state but everything seems stale with the recent contribution from Jacob Rehm in terms of something fascinating and extraordinary.

Rehm stands with accusation of illegally borrowing a tour bus worth $500,000 with some form of a greater spin coming across with the former employee of the particular bus company. The two made their appearance in Vermont District Court on Tuesday with some new court appearances with the recent allegations against them.

The recent most video that they had posted had to do with their proud bus stealing episode. It has been termed The Fabulous Bus Ride and came to be posted on November 5th. This does not appear to have been made according to concerned civic mind coming from the passersby. This also comes to be made by Rehm alone just for fun and show off.