MCE introduces:1 Terabyte hard drive kit for 17-Inch MacBook Pros

1 Terabyte hard disk for 17-Inch MacBook: Isn’t it a noteworthy storage increase for 17-inch MacBook Pro owners. Besides some other mods, it also changes MacBook supportive visual drive a 2.5-inch hard drive with 500GB and hit the thrilling 1TB score. Another matching 5400 rpm 500GB drive will replace the laptop’s standard hard disk.
Can you guess its cost? One shouldn’t expect less than $800 and may increase if MCE installs that kit for you.


This 1 Terabyte hard disk consists of the new MCE’s SATA 500GB optical bay hard drive and 500GB MobileStore Internal SATA Hard Drive, besides an external inclusion for the original inner hard drive and an inclusion for the moveable inner Super drive.

This MCE’s OptiBay Hard drive substitutes the internal SuperDrive of MacBook Pro with an elevated 500GB hard disk.
To maintain CD/DVD reading/writing functions of the original inner optical drive, it has been replaced by the OptiBay Hard Drive. Slim outsider USB 2.0 attachment converts optical drive into a bootable SuperDrive and makes it as friendly with iDVD, iTunes as it was before.


This upgrade can be installed easily and one can install it oneself, however, if someone doesn’t feel comfortable while working on one’s laptop, the product can be installed by MCE Technologies or some other worldwide Authorized Centers. If one wants MCE to Install these upgrade, one will have to pay $149 for Supreme OptiBay installation services while $99 for the Standard OptiBay Installation services.

Some noteworthy features

It has high performance spindle speeds around 5400RPM, 500GB standard inner hard drive and 500GB OptiBay hard drive, bootable, it easily sets up by applying Apple’s Disk Utility program, it can be portioned, used as a single capacity and can also be made part of RAID array. It has external inclusion for the real inner hard disk. One can use one drive as time machine backup of the other with Leopard

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