Miami Man Charged with the Largest Case of Credit and Debit Card Theft

Debit Card Data TheftFederal prosecutors charged a Miami man with the largest case of Credit as well as Debit card theft. This has been the largest amount in case of card thefts in the US. This man was a one time government informant who had been swiping 130 million accounts even after the 40 million he stole previously.

The man named Albert Gonzalez is a 28 year old who broke all records in terms of highest number of identity theft that could be found through hacking retail networks. Prosecutors have noticed him having illicit computer exploits done in order to make the process successful. Gonzalez had been an informant for US Secret Service one and now using his knowledge to turn the tables around.

He had been working with criminals in clandestine, while feeding them with hardcore secret service information as well. He had helped US agency hackers in the past but he has now ended up in jail with the charges hanging over him. When the US agency found out that he had been working with criminals by the side, he was warned off and was even held on custody once.

His trial regarding hacking case is also being accompanied with charges against him for conspiring with criminals. He used to usurp private information from different places and people, all of which he used in his theft later.


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