200407571-001.jpgThe New York University and Microsoft are joining hands to launch the Games for Learning Institute (G4LI). The games will help children learn, as some reports suggest.

The multidisciplinary Institute (worth $3m) wants to recognize computer games engagement over students and to develop related personalized ways of teaching to use these games.

G4LI wants to include those pre-teen US children (particularly girls and minorities) who are excited about math, technology and engineering. Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said: “This is, indeed, a great example that shows how technology can make students learn.”


According to some reports, the game prototypes will be evaluated by the G4LI that introduces them along with study plans in a network of 19 schools in New York City and then it will track the results in the classroom.


Ken Perlin, who is a professor of computer science at New York University, said: “Some students become uninterested or discouraged at school and like to spend their time at home into gaming and we think that gaming can be our starting point to draw these students into science, math and technology based programs.”



Though $3m sounds like a huge investment, it is just a minor thing if compared with the budget of a blockbuster game such as GTAIV .Above all it’s a nice idea.

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