Microsoft has released an update for the Edge browser

Microsoft has begun distributing two new features for the built-in Windows browser, Microsoft Edge. The browser now has integration with Microsoft Editor, a service for checking and correcting spelling and punctuation.

From now on, this feature is built right into the Edge browser and users will no longer need to install additional software. It is worth noting that Microsoft announced this solution a few months ago. Edge itself is available in more than 20 languages, but here will only apply to the main language used in the browser.

Another interesting innovation is a feature called Web select. Microsoft talked about it a few years ago, but at the time it was called something else - Smart copy. Basically, this feature makes it easier to select formatted content on the Web, such as tables, images, and text. The user can quickly copy entire paragraphs or, for example, copy only the cells in a table that he or she needs.

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This is, indeed, the age of telecom revolution and you can see mobile phones everywhere and in every hand. These mobile phones are replete with customized features personalized services. Downloadable and customized ringtones are considered one of the popular features in nowadays’ mobile phones. In terms of ringtone downloads, High school and college-aged kids are leading the market.

Alltel’s ‘My Circle’ Been Adopted by Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is going to announce its new facility on Thursday. It is going to offer its subscribers the option to select 5 or 10 phone numbers on which they can call for free, without consuming their plan’s minutes. This facility will be provided on some qualifying plans.

Which Is The Best Browser: IE8, Chrome, Safari Or Firefox?

There are continuous changes and progresses in everything especially the technical zone. Net is one of the fastest paced areas that undergo changes pretty soon than any other.