Microsoft may begin development of Windows 12 in March

Microsoft is ready to start working on a new operating system next month. The information comes from the German website, so it should be taken with a certain amount of skepticism. Nevertheless, after the release of Windows 11 last fall, the company is certainly thinking about a successor.

The source notes that Microsoft is already recruiting for the development of a hypothetical Windows 12. However, the full release is still far away because the system is being created from scratch or is close to it.

It should be noted that initially the production of Windows 12 was announced on Twitter by user SwiftOnSecurity, adding that the system will require two TPM modules. The source later noted that it was just a joke, and later deleted the post.

The team referred to SwiftOnSecurity, but after deleting the information, German journalists found confirmation among their insiders.

Currently, the most common Microsoft operating system on the market is Windows 10, released in 2015.

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