Microsoft offers glimpses of Windows 7

Microsoft says that Windows 7 will definitely provide a better experience to users when it arrives sometime during next year.

Windows 7 is coming after Vista that is a success according to Microsoft claims, but it was a subject of severe criticism from many users.

Some glimpses of the new system were offered at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angels.

Microsoft senior vice-president Steven Sinofsky calls it an exciting new version of Windows and says that it will offer a more personalized experience.

There were many complaints that Vista ran slowly or failed to work at all with some programs and devices when it was launched in January 2007.

Mr Sinofsky admitted that they received a lot of feedback about Vista. Sinofsky runs the Windows business for Microsoft.

He added that his team had made a lot of improvements, as they had learnt some lessons in developing Windows 7.

Windows Touch is one of those new features that have been promised in the latest operating system. This new feature promises support for multi-touch technology.

Similarly, there is a new taskbar that provides quick access to files and programs, as every open window appears as a graphic thumbnail.

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