Microsoft plans to release games from Japanese and Asian developers for the Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft is expanding its publishing team in the Asian region and plans to release breakthrough, high-budget Xbox Series X|S games from Japanese developers.

The Asian team at Xbox Game Studios Publishing, which will oversee the new projects, needs experienced employees who understand how major Japanese studios and development teams from other countries in the region are structured.

"We are developing our team in Asia and offering you a rare opportunity to work with world-class developers on cutting-edge games for a wide international audience with the support of Microsoft," reads the job description for one of the openings at Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

Microsoft itself currently has only one Japanese studio, Tango Gameworks, headed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. That said, the platformer wants to expand its lineup with Asian games by contracting with different companies. No announcements have been made yet, but rumors of a partnership between Xbox and Kojima Productions, for example, have been circulating online for months.

In the Xbox 360 generation, Microsoft has been actively trying to break into the Japanese market and has funded a large number of exclusives and temporary exclusives for its platform, from Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and Blue Dragon to Ninja Gaiden II and Tales of Vesperia.

Even though Xbox has failed to become a very popular brand in Japan, Japanese games are very important to international audiences today, so this segment is attracting Microsoft. The company is also looking at talented teams from countries such as South Korea and China.

Earlier, Phil Spencer announced the expansion of the Xbox brand across the board and called Japan the fastest-growing Xbox market in the world. The new U.S. consoles are selling much better in the country than the Xbox One.

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