Microsoft's app for Samsung TVs will open access to Xbox games without a console

Microsoft is preparing to make an aggressive new push with new ways to stream Xbox Cloud Gaming without owning an Xbox or PC. VentureBeat reports that Microsoft plans to release a "streaming device" sometime in the next 12 months, as well as an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Samsung TVs.

Both will give users the ability to stream Xbox Cloud Gaming games to their TVs. The streaming device will be similar to the Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, which plugs into the TV's HDMI port and will allow owners to stream TV shows and movies.

It's worth noting that Microsoft's actions to promote Xbox Cloud Gaming to the world have taken an aggressive turn in the past few months. Just the other day, the company announced a version of Fortnite for Xbox Cloud Gaming that will allow users to play the game again on iOS devices.

Additionally, during GDC 2022, the company demonstrated new cloud technology that allows developers to create games using Azure-hosted workstations, and earlier this year it was announced that Microsoft's cloud-based Flight Simulator would join Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The technology used to run Microsoft Flight Simulator on the cloud gaming platform is also available to developers who want to create games based on cloud computing.

It looks like Microsoft's attempt to attract new players to its ecosystem without buying an expensive device may be paying off. It was also announced late last year that 20 percent of Xbox Cloud Gaming users playing on mobile devices use touch controls.


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