Microsoft tests display of ads in Windows Explorer 11

Microsoft is testing an advertising zone in the Windows Explorer app. This innovation, according to one MVP, appeared in the latest test build of Windows 11 Insider so far.

One pre-build user, who identifies himself on Twitter as Florian (@flobo09), shared a screenshot of the test display of advertisements in Explorer.   

As you can see in the picture, the American tech giant plans to place ads at the top, right below the line containing the path. Apparently, Microsoft will promote its own products in the file manager.

Of course, this solution was not to everyone's taste. There have been comments in which people have claimed that File Explorer is the worst place to display ads, and some even believe that at this rate, Microsoft will make many people give up on this application in Windows.

Recall that the corporation has previously tried to impose ads on users in the file manager. For example, in 2016, Microsoft displayed OneDrive ads.



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