Microsoft to add Windows 7-style interface design to Windows 11

With the advent of Windows 8 and its successor in the form of Windows 10, developers from Microsoft abandoned the use of rounded corners of windows and Aero Glass in the design of the user interface. However, with the release of Windows 11 in the operating system again appeared rounded corners, and it seems that soon users will be able to use the interface design, which resembles the effect of Aero from Windows 7.

Image source: Windows Central


Transparent title bars for Windows apps are expected to appear after the launch of a major Windows 11 (22H2) or Sun Valley 2 update, which should be publicly available in the second half of this year. It seems that Microsoft intends to change the appearance of top-level windows as well as application pop-ups, adding a transparency effect reminiscent of what we have seen in Windows 7 in the past.


According to the source, more innovations will appear in test builds of Windows 11 in the next few weeks. This includes the ability to create folders in the Start menu, support for placing app shortcuts and other items on the taskbar, improvements to the Quick Actions tool, and more. At this stage the innovations will be available for Windows Preview members, and later this year many of them will be publicly available with the release of Sun Valley 2 update.

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