photosynth-logoSoftware giant Microsoft is going to integrate its Photosynth tech in Virtual Earth that will be a commercial rival to Google’s well-known Street View.

According to Microsoft this multi-image technology will allow businesses to develop much detailed and easily browsed views of 3D for anything like places, products, homes and hotels and it can be embedded with the Virtual Earth maps of Microsoft.

Google Street takes the pictures of roads and properties itself; while with this new technology Microsoft will rely on its users and businesses for images uploading and the building of the Photosynths.

In this new commercial update some new controls have been included that allow users to share and make synths the way they want to and with the help of these controls the organizations will be able to manage and access  synths in a more convenient way, as they will get control the visual depiction of their premises and places.


Similarly, showcase images and user defined highlights will be included in its panoramic synths to link via websites, contacts and other information.

Microsoft believes that a large number of businesses will definitely use Photosynths and it will be quite helpful for prospective buyers and state agents. The customers will be able to browse stores as well as products to make buying easier and effective.

NASA has also confirmed that the Photosynths will be made available in the International Space Station as well as the coming Mars Rover.

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