At its annual TechFest in Redmond, Microsoft has unveiled its many new technologies that include green data centers, voice-controlled ICE and many more.

In this one day event, a new organization named Cloud Computing Futures was at the top of bill with its object to decrease the costs of data centre manifold and enhancing reliability too.

Rick Rashid, who is senior vice president at Microsoft Research, says in this connection: “We have started this cloud computing research with this basic concept that the datacenter works as computer and it must be programmed and designed as an integrated system,”

The thing that is on our top priority is the environment and with these two new data centre projects to reduce carbon emissions and power consumptions.

A new system for infotainment in car named as Commute UX that has many spoken language technologies that allow drivers to interact with their in-car devices and provide information quite naturally. Some new technologies like echo canceling and spatialsation tech have also been introduced to enhance teleconferencing experience.

The thing that is really intriguing is their Situated Interaction that combines various sensing, reasoning and learning components to produce a conversational system that can be very helpful for different tasks and activities without human assistant.