A report, from Gannett news service, says that Microsoft is recruiting women to give Xbox parties to women so they may tend to play Xbox games. Well, a nice way to brand Xbox in a huge potential market?

These recruited women will be provided with an Xbox party pack of freebies in which Xbox game “Scene It, Box Office Smash,” microwavable popcorn, an Xbox universal media remote control are included.

It is, indeed, a nice marketing strategy, but it looks somewhat off if compared to other marketing efforts of the software giant.

In recent past, women have proved considerable consumers of various casual games and have shown great interest in the gaming consoles like Nintendo’s Wii. But contrarily, they didn’t show the same enthusiasm for Xbox, as there weren’t some appealing games for women in it.

Heather Snavely, who is Microsoft’s director of interactive entertainment business, says: “Microsoft has sold more than 20m gaming consoles worldwide in short span of time, we definitely need some audience like teens and women to sell next 20m.

We have a different strategy to target these audiences, the strategy that we didn’t adopt ever before.”

It’s indeed, good news for women who want to have a new experience of playing games, but let’s see how far Microsoft succeeds to appeal these women with their gaming consoles.