Microsoft will launch its VPN service and build it into Edge browser

It is impossible to select a server to change geolocation by oneself - the company replaces the user's IP address with a similar address in the same region.

The company's website has a page describing the feature called Microsoft Edge Secure Network.

It will run on Cloudflare's platform, which has its own similar service Cloudflare Microsoft does not name the new VPN feature, but the description indicates that it encrypts the user's connection to the Internet to help protect their data.

The service hides the user's IP address, replacing it with an address in the same region. It's not possible to choose a VPN server to change geolocation on your own.

All data is redirected from Edge to the server through an encrypted tunnel, a VPN tunnel. Edge Secure Network will not allow data about user actions to be collected, even by ISPs. This will make targeting ads more difficult.

The service is free, but there is a limit of 1 GB of data per month. To use it, a Microsoft account is required.

The company notes that Cloudflare only collects "a limited amount of diagnostic and auxiliary data," which it deletes every 25 hours.

For now, the service is being tested. When it will be available to all users is unknown. Microsoft also did not say whether there will be a paid version or what its cost will be.



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