Microsoft IE8Microsoft has been working with the tab-hang fix in regards to the IE 8 with several new possibilities coming their way with the tab-responsiveness of the new updates.

There are going to be some really good IE8 tab performance issues. These updates make for some of the best of Windows 7 testers creating newly baked ideas for Microsoft. The IE 8 release will work independently on its own without any adherence to the functioning of Windows XP and Vista.

There must be some major relief from Microsoft with the well isolated IE 8 tabs and the endless take on the given site. This might be a problem as well if you are operating through your ThinkPad X60. The IE add-ons are just some of the regular ways through which you can prune up the current status of the IE.

 sCredit: microsoft

A ThinkPad with one GB RAM would certainly be giving some major blocks to the IE functioning. When people get dissatisfied with IE performances at the end of the day, they can really get the choice of shifting to Chrome or Firefox.

Source: blogs.zdnet

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