Microsoft Xbox 360: A review

Three years back, the Xbox 360 came up as the first mass-market hi-def entertainment system to hit the market now after three years in these days of credit crunch it seems to hit a price point.

Microsoft decreased the price of its console’s three SKUs (Elite, Pro and Arcade) few months back and the entire trio began to scale under the £199.99 mark.

Xbox 360 Elite comes up as 120GB machine with a slick black finish and an affordable price tag of just £229.99. It’s £50 cheaper than the 20GB machine that was launched in 2005.

So far HDD-less Arcade console is concerned, it has been packed with a 256MB memory card, five Xbox Live Arcade games, wireless pad and a price tag of just £129.99. No doubt, Xbox 360 is, indeed, the best value HD games console available in the market.

In the Xbox 360’s story up to 2009, “Accessible” sounds like the buzzword. With redesigned backend interface, the ‘New Xbox Experience’ will be streaming onto consoles worldwide as a free, mandatory update from Wednesday 19th November.

The new interface is smooth, simple and slick that provides easier access to HD content and especially for the ever-lucrative expanded audience that Microsoft seems to focus on this Christmas.

The new design is not quite dissimilar from windows Media Player. There are content boxes which look quite nice sliding elegantly on a horizontal line.

In short, it is, indeed, far better device for hi-def displays if compared with the original Xbox 360 backend. On the console’s interface, there is an expanded amount of menu boxes and displayed information.

Performance wise and look wise it looks quite nice and a world above the cluttered and often sluggish dashboard of the launch 360.

To improve the Xbox 360 as a whole, tons of features have been added in it and it allows now to install retail games to the HDD with a significantly shortened load times and the fan vent on the side of the box is not noisy at all.

The available Guide on this Xbox 360 also opens up faster and browsing through movie and games collection is effortless with the iPod Cover View-style menu. To add personality to the animated backgrounds, Mii-like Avatars are also there.

In a nutshell, it is undoubtedly slicker with nice features and supports a really attractive new price point especially in these days of credit crunch.

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