Middle East goes dark as the net cables cut off

The undersea cables have been broken for the second time in the year. However, if the last chunk of cable also breaks, a large region of the internet might also go dark.

The whole of Middle East is staggering on the verge of a massive internet breakdown after three out of the four major undersea cables were found cut.

These are those major cables that connect the Middle East regions to the rest of the world and were mysteriously cut this weekend without a clue.


It is also believed that both the internet as well as the phone connections is at risk as only one of the undersea cables remains functional. These cables that run across the Mediterranean and all the way through the Suez Canal, seem to have been affected somewhere close to Egypt.


According to the latest reports by BBC, the net traffic in India has also slowed down by merely 65% at the same time as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has been massively hit.

There is no certain suggestion that the cables might have been deliberately cut, the same kind of incident happened earlier this year where two of the undersea cables were cut.


A networking expert informed BBC that such a scenario is unlikely as one would expect to see one major breakdown per cable per annum on a normal basis.

However, with four, there must be an insurance policy in place. For the same thing to happen twice on the same cable is surely a serious cause of concern.


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