A media report on Tuesday said that MP3 device bought by a New Zealander named Chris Ogle 29, from a thrift shop contains important US military data.

The said shop is situated in Oklahoma. The news was reported by TV One News.

Ogle bought this MP3 device only for $18, and was surprised to find the data when attached the device to his computer. The said MP3 device contained 60 data files providing information of U.S soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Details found in the device contain information as U.S social security numbers and personal details like pregnancies of female troops. Some files also detailed the information of troops and equipment, and mission briefings deployed at Afghani basis such as Bagram.

It was found after investigation that some numbers listed in the files are still working with warnings in accordance to the content release. The warnings state that content release is “prohibited by federal law.”

Peter Cozens, director of Victoria University of Wellington’s Strategic Studies Department states, “This is just slack administrative procedures which are indeed a cause of embarrassment”. Cozens also added, “It’s the sort of thing which ought not really to be in the public domain.”

It has also been reported by Los Angeles Times that some previously found devices also contained critical military informations like maps, charts, military secrets, and military intelligence reports. It is to be noted here that such informations should be kept secret and shouldn’t be disclosed in public.

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