Though seven inches can be considered big enough in some cases, the latest miniBook called Mini Laptop Neo is small in price aside from its smaller size.


Just with £170 price tag, this Mini Laptop Neo is one of the cheapest and lightest computers around as it weighs just 650g.
222×165x30mm is actual measurements of this miniBook and it has a 7inch display with 800×400 pixels.
Not only small in price but also in memory and storage.

There is a 32-bit processor and 128MB storage of DDR2 memory. The device hasn’t been exactly geared for gaming and the storage is somewhat deplorable too with just 2GB of NAND Flash and price is £170!
It has three hours battery time and it comes with a handy SD slot and pre-installed Linux.


You can get the miniBook from Maplin with £170 price tag but this price tag is valid until 2nd September, so be quick to get it before it touches £200 mark.