mitsubishi_launches_laservue.jpgThe first glimpse of Mitsubishi’s laser-based TV tech called LaserVue we found back at CES but now the sets are set to action and as stated previously, they will be available in the third quarter of 08.It will be the debut LaserVue in 65” and 75” and LaserVue 65” version is going to emerge first .

The LaserVue provides 200% color gamut that is more than double of other available HDTVs. With boasting 500 nits of brightness, the sets run at 120Hz. The colors are more natural than the natural colors and they are as they must be, viewing angle is somewhat mocking to DLP projectors. So far prices are concern we have heard about more comparable to LCD and plasma than DLP. These LaserVue 65-inch and 75-inch portray below than 200 watts that is almost half of the LCD and third of plasma TV.

mitsubishilogo.jpgAbout Mitsubishi:

A Japanese corporation consists of a wide range of self-directed businesses that share trade mark, brand and legacy of Mitsubishi.


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