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Multi-link Communications Products, is a leading firm which provides companies with alternative source for enterprise networking equipment like Cisco routers and Cisco hardware and switches. The MULTI LINK Communications Products have specialised in refurbished equipment and help the customers in lowering their network equipment costs. Mlcp, the official website lets you the best opportunity to look at refurbished equipment and buy them at discounted rates. No other website is as well designed keeping simplicity and user friendliness in mind. Any newbie who is not so computer friendly can also visit the website and order hardware for him without much difficulty.

Mlcp provides all information regarding the various refurbished equipment. The navigation bar has links that opens to Home, Products, Specials, Rental/Leasing, Service & Support and About Us. On the right hand side just above the navigation bar, you can directly search for any product. Above this and just below the logo, there are links to quote cart, Price Quote, Sell Us Your Supplies and Contact Us.


The Products link opens to various products like Cisco, Adtran, Extreme, Foundry, Juniper, Nortel and Other. When opening the Cisco link, you will be taken to a vast range of products like Access Servers, Cables and Misc, Memory, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches and Wireless. All these products are genuine and one can purchase them satisfactorily from the website. The other products also open to similar links. The Specials section deals with the special products with special discounts. The Rental/Leasing link is where one can discuss with specialists on the benefits of renting and leasing certain equipment. The Services and Support opens to three other pages – Crisis Resolution Services, Investment Recapture programme and Warranty protection — where one can have details about the various services that MULTI-LINK Communications Products offer.

The Home page has been divided into two horizontal columns. The top column opens to Multi Link Specials, which is an easy way to look for the special products and the special discounts. The Call Us in Crisis link opens to the Services and Support page Well, just to have a contact with the company, one should have to go to About Us link in the navigation bar, which has addresses and telephone numbers of corporate and other offices.

The other column has links to “manufacturer list” and “low cost, low risk solutions”.

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