Mobile Phones Becoming Smarter With Carbon Naontubes

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have discovered that spinning carbon nanotubes; CNTs into longer fibers helps making them into excellent nanotech antennas.

The institute has widely been acknowledged for ‘nantennas’ through the world record breaking carbon nanotubes.

The said nanotubes antenna has been developed by David Mast, an Associate Professor of physics. He made these antennas by taking 25 micron carbon nanotube threads and formed a dipole antenna using double sided transparent tape and silver paste.

He performed the experiment on his own mobile set by replacing the built in antenna with his own created. The result was remarkable giving four to five bars of service which were absent without the nanotube antenna.

Mast says that he was surprised to see how easy it was to do, claiming it as a ‘very pleasant surprise’. The real thing explained by him the way of manipulating them as they use ambient air to float on. They work effectively as an antenna basing on something like skin effect. Skin effect is when electrons transfer well on the ultra light in weight nanotubes as they strive to reach the surface.

Though they are light in weight; almost 1000 times lighter than copper, nanotubes are tractile strength high; almost 5 times than steel.

Giving the mobiles antennas from this new technology will make the mobile handsets more smart and attractive. With more efficiency, mobiles will be reaching to the level of perfection making them more desirable and the most up to date devices.

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