Well, there are many who often look for such a tablet PC as can easily go with them the whole day long for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Considering this very need of valuable consumers Motions has come up with the right answer in the form of the J3400 tablet PC.

The new J3400 tablet PC has dual batteries and an LCD that allows you to see things clearly when you are out of your office or home.


When it comes to specs, it has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2mp camera, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, Wi-Fi, a biometric sensor, a 1.8” shock mounted HDD as well as a 64GB SSD option.

All you need to pay to make the most of this real beauty is $2,229 as a starting price and the good thing is that it’s going to hit the shelves within this week, so get ready to find what you have desired for quite some time. Yup! A battery which can meet your whole day needs with bright and clear outdoor display.


Design and features

The J3400 is, indeed, a nice addition in Motion’s tablet PCs line and it has been specially designed considering the needs of a large number of mobile users’ market including field of sales and marketing, construction, healthcare and government. It nicely balances weight, performance, durability and loads of astounding features that can offer great help to enhance the productivity of these mobile users. The traditional available tablet PCs are heavy in price as well as in weight.

As usual, its internal components have been protected with Motion’s well-known nice design and great internal frame without any further thickness or additional weight. It is IP-52 rates and according to the specifications of

MIL-STD-810F. It can bear drop on plywood as well as concrete within three-foot distance and quite resistant against dust, occasional bumps and other such things that are often serve as a part and parcel in mobile working environment.

With its rounded corners, slip-free surface and overall balanced design, you wouldn’t find it difficult to carry it at your every step with maximum comfort and astounding screen clarity in your rough and tough daily routine.



According to David Altounian, who is president and CEO of Motion Computing, “This tablet PC has been developed utilizing over seven years of feedback and tablet PC experience and the device has all the handy features and ease of use that most of tablet PC users look for.

Its superior ergonomics, lightweight package and nice integrated features make it possible for you to attain maximum performance with great flexibility and maximum comfort. Usually, mobile workers seem to complain about short battery life and less visibility in outdoors of such devices.

The J3400 has been developed considering these very complaints of the mobile workers. No doubt, the J3400 seems to address these issues nicely and goes with their users the whole day long with great perfection and usability.