Motorola is not willing to give up and the release of its pretty slider MOTO ZN200 is an evident proof of it. So, Samsung be not proud with your wide range of sliders and see what comes.



MOTO ZN 200 ( isn’t it a boring name) doesn’t have such specs as make the enthusiastic phone fans more enthusiastic, but still can catch your eyes with its good looks and shiny touch screen.




It seems that Motorola with this ZN200 is trying to pick those average men and women that can help to boost profits with their noisy considerable amount.

Let me tell you about specs: It has an average 2megapixel camera, FM radio (great) ,a 2.5mm annoying headphone jack and a memory card slot.

Yeah (aside from specs) it full of grace and good looks with an astounding combination of delicacy and sturdiness that makes you look at it again and again.



So far release is concerned, no exact date but expected in September. So, you wouldn’t have to wait long to catch that beauty but about specs hmmmmm.

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