Motorola H720

Motorola H720 is a Bluetooth headset, which carries the flip boom design of H17, H15 and H710.It’s a black plastic body while the buttons and the boom mike are shiny silver in appearance. This headset is about 1.65 inches long and 1.06 inches wide with 0.79-inch thickness. There is an inset oval above the Motorola logo which performs as a multifunction button. One can find it easily and it’s very easy to handle as well. There is a tiny LED indicator on the button. The volume controls are available on either sides of the headset. On the top, the charger jack is available which is easy to open or close the boom mike. Therefore it is convenient to turn the headset on and off.


One can find a different earpiece by flipping the headset upside down. It is a flat plastic object with three speaker holes cut out from the protrusion. The earpiece can be inserted at the opening of the ear. There is a flexible ear hook with a rubber tip at the back of the headset that sits around the ear. It’s a glossy headset created with the latest technology. This headset helps in making phone calls a better experience and the external noise is well reduced. Another added advantage is echo cancellation, which is a big relief for people making distant calls.

Rapid Connect is another added feature with on and off flip which helps to answer and close calls quickly. This feature helps us to save battery. This headset is light weighted and so it’s easy to carry. There is an adjustable hook that rests against the ear and the talk time is up to eight hours.

One can speak from two different Bluetooth cell phones using the same headset. The LED colors will indicate the cell phone to which the person is connected with.

When the background volume gets higher, the headset volume will automatically get adjusted.

The call quality is good and the price is reasonable. The other usual features such as answering, ending and rejecting calls, redial and voice dial support are also provided. In addition to that one can transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa.


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With all these features, there are some drawbacks too. The callers find some inconveniences with this headset. Some callers find the earpiece with the hook to be slightly loose and have an illusion that it might slip off. While pairing the Motorola H720 with the Apple iPhone 3G, the quality of the call seems to be loud and clear. But it doesn’t sound great. A caller could hear the background noise with a little amount of echo. For instance, when a person travels by car, there are chances of getting distracted by the engine noise or any other external noise. It would certainly create a problem during unfavorable weather conditions or crowded environments.

To conclude, the building of this headset is a great effort with its own specialties.

There are some drawbacks that could have been avoided. Yet, it is a great handset symbolizing the advantages of latest technology.