Motorola introduces fastest mobile broadband in UK

moto_logoWith its 4G Long Term Evolution technology, Motorola has stepped into a new age of fastest mobile broadband that the company has announced to bring to UK.

Currently, the service is passing through the testing phase in Swindon and it wouldn’t be available to the general public yet, however, this move indicates that process of making UK somewhat more mobile is on its way.

Many have been named LTE as the successor of 3G networking around the world, as many telecommunication companies are trying to tie together the recognition of wireless internet.

According to Joe Cozzolino, senior vice president of Motorola Home & Networks Mobility, “We are at the front in developing 4G technologies right now and this technology will definitely offer a great help to address the demands of those consumers who want to have personalised experiences of media as well as those operators who want to have some competitive advantage.”


It is being supposed that the LTE would offer 100Mbps of download speeds, but just like the present day 3G broadband over mobile, the farther the user will be from base unit, the slower its speeds would be.


LTE has to compete with WiMAX as the standard for next 4G. The different between these two standards is as, as in 3G and WiFi, but recently, HTC Max has launched a 4G phone that has been based on WiMAX.

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