Motorola ROKR E8 has been designed to offer a nice user experience for talk and music.

There are no visible keys on the smooth surface of ROKR E8 when powered off but as the device is powered-on, a virtual numbered keypad on the front surface begins to appear. Just with a single press, the keypad of the phone disappears and music control keys like play, pause, rewind and fast forward emerge at the surface.

Despite that features ROKR E8 is not mere a touch operated device. With vibrating haptics technology, the device offer solid feedback that is usually expected from a traditional keypad.




The new FastScroll navigation wheel from Motorola marks its debut in the ROKR E8; it allows users to scroll all the stored content in the device easily. The wheel begins to scroll through music mode, imaging mode (multimedia), phone mode (contacts, calneder) just with a gentle push of the thumb. With landscape 2.0” QVGA display,it becomes quite easy to view the information.

ROKR E8 offers great sound in its music mode with a three-dimensional stereo feature which boosts an on-board equalizer and two-channel audio. With built-in speaker and compatible Bluetooth enabled stereo headset option the music really becomes soul satisfying.



It also helps users to find latest music with a support for song ID2 and integrated FM radio. More than 1500 songs can be stored in 2GB internal memory and with an optional microSD card the external memory can be expanded up to 4GB.There is an USB 2.0 to transfer music quickly. It is also compatible with Windows Media Player 11 on the PC that makes access possible to more than 200 online music stores.

The CrystalTalk technology in this ROKR E8 provides a terrific quality of voice. Calls can be received while downloading of content, playing music, text messaging, taking images and web browsing. With quality construction and high standard material, the ROKR E8 is an emblem of reliability and durability. Its high gloss front, spun metal side keys, aluminum soft touch back and engraved banding make it a real masterpiece from Motorola.

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