Motorola Z9Success is not found in the destiny of all cellphone models .Some do bad business, some prove mediocre while some prove exceptional and break all the sale records of all previous models that are introduced by some company .But its not easy to get such success or to be more exact to often get such success. It happens once in a blue moon. Moto RAZAR was such a success. Motorola Q9 Global and Moto Q9m smartphones and then well known RAZR2 V9 also proved pretty well not only from business point of view but also because of their features and applications.

Now there is Motorola Z9 for Moto-lovers .Does it prove a success like Moto RAZAR or not only time will decide but it has all those features, applications and good looks that make a cellphone a real success.

Motorola Z9 has all those features that a user can expect from any latest cellphone model available in the market. Besides 3G, GPS it has a 2 megapixeel camera, music player, stereo Bluetooth, Video Share and a dazzling, gorgeous metal casing. In short, except 3G,GPS there are no such features in Z9 that can be considered very unique sort of features as they are also available in other trendy cellphones but the difference is found in the quality of Z9 features and other available cell phone features.

Its weight is around 4.9 ounces that sounds somewhat heavy and it’s a little larger than the original RAZAR
It is available in Mahogany color, a warm color which is not specific to mere one gender. It has very similar finishing and color mixing like RAZR2 V9.

Music player, camera, battery, casing, keypad, Bluetooth all can be seen at their best in the device

Motorola Z 9‘s slider is a little bit stiff but believe me it is not troublesome at all; it can be easily opened with one hand .Because of its flat surface front face it seems that the phone is a touch screen device but in actual it is not and there are mechanical buttons available on the flat surface and one has to press the buttons to make it run. Its keypad and other controls are back lighted. Its side controls buttons are also somewhat strange as they vibrate when they are pressed.
Volume up/down buttons and the music player button are on left side and camera button on left. Like other cellphones it is not hard to remove its battery cover and microSD card hole is below that battery door. No need to remove battery while inserting SD card but at the same time it is quite hard to remove that card again.
Its internal memory is around 50megs and microSd card slot can add up to 8 gigs capacity via SDHC cards.

Motorola Z9 is no doubt an appealing and sophisticated phone with a reasonable price of just $149 .Isn’t it a suitable, loveable price?

Motorola Z9 in a nutshell:
You will find it really hard to say no to Motorola looks nice and praiseworthy in the hand, it has all those features that make you fall in love with the cellphone and price is also not very high and just in reach of everyone who wants luxury, comfort and style together at an affordable price. But as they say good aspects and bad aspects always go together and so far the bad aspects of Motorola Z9 are concerned, they are not many but they exist and these are its slider that is a little bit tough but believe me its not troublesome at all. Secondly, it is very toilsome to remove the microSD card if it is inserted once.

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