The nicest thing is that there the Javescript problem wouldn’t be there anymore, well, this is what Mozilla has fixed with the release of 3.0.6 Firefox release. The latest update would help the popular browser not to serve as a bugs’ host for long.

In previous versions, the Javascript problem could make hackers run not permitted code via exploit. Similarly, some changes have been made in the way which makes scripted commands workable with different plug-ins and another problem, related to seeing the parts of it after longer use has also been addressed.

The community was requested that the client ID should have been removed from the reports related to crashes.

Their wish has been granted and many other security related issues have also been fixed.

Internet Explorer have been serving as a dominant force in the browser world for quite long time, but now Mozilla has taken a considerable chunk out of this and now nearly capturing 20% market share.

But a lot of improvements have been made in the coming IE8 that will also be the default browser of Windows 7. Considering all this, Mozilla definitely have to prove its metal to keep the momentum going.

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