Mozilla Releasing Beta Mobile Browser

mozilla-mobile-browser-logoAccording to recent reports, Mozilla’s mobile browser ‘Fennec’ has reached the level of 1st test. A release candidate is now available to work efficiently on Nokia N810 tablets. It will also be able to work on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop emulators as well.

Information gathered through sources tells that Fennec’s TraceMonkey provides a complete support to back JavaScript. This backup also offers better support for third party add-ons, no button browsing and gestures. All of these features add up to make a good impression of the beta browser. With TraceMonkey Java Script, Fennec will be non Beta debut in Firefox 3.5

The main aim of the testing is to determine whether users will be able to properly utilize the browser with all its controls placed off-screen with smoothness or whether there will be any troubles.

Mozilla says that on the feature front, they have enabled plugins for users so that they can enjoy watching videos on their favorite sites now.


The race of browsers is a never ending game without the distinction of mobile set browsers or computer browsers. Advanced versions of browsers with new features making the browsers fast and more comprehensive remain as a competition tool.

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