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This is, indeed, the age of telecom revolution and you can see mobile phones everywhere and in every hand. These mobile phones are replete with customized features personalized services. Downloadable and customized ringtones are considered one of the popular features in nowadays’ mobile phones. In terms of ringtone downloads, High school and college-aged kids are leading the market.

They want their devices to represent their taste via ringtones and other available features and remain in search of nice download sources where they may be able to download things like funny ringtones, songs, Xmas ringtones, wallpapers etc.


There are thousands of websites and portals that provide almost all sorts of ringtones these days like songs, instrumentals, religious chants, latest releases, ethnic songs, dialogues and much more. Most of the free downloadable ringtones are available in the MIDI, MP3 or WAV formats, but free video ringtones come in the very small package of the .3GP format. is the source where you can download the best MP3 ringtones (as it says). The site offers some nice pop, rock, themes, American Idol, R&B/Soul, Rap/HIP HOP, funny and techno/dance ringtones. Here, you can search for song with artist name or song title and can download it if you like.

In the last some years, there is a considerable increase in the use of polyphonic and monophonic ringtones and the demand for the latest and best ringtones seem somewhat unending. And that’s why a lot of websites and portals have been providing this kind of services for quite some time and many of them are really doing a nice job. Most of the time, these websites charged for the ringtones or do that to catch more users.

However, most of the time, people look for free ringtones other downloads and it has backed enough the concept of free downloadable ringtones.

Your cell phone’s capabilities and features play an important role to download different ringtones. If you can connect your device with your PC by infrared, Bluetooth or data cable, such sources are not in thousands, but in millions where you can download suitable files for ringtones by paying some amount or for free.

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